Prayer Beads

Rosary Beads


This custom design is a traditional rosary style. The red jasper cross is supported by black tourmaline, moss agate, garnet, smoky quartz and bloodstone.

Greek Othodox Prayer Beads


These prayer beads were designed in the Greek Orthodox tradition.  They feature malachite, epidote, red jasper and obsidian.

Fancy Jasper Mala Beads


These prayer beads have the gorgeous hues of pink, green, yellow and brown of fancy jasper.

Amethyst Prayer Beads


This was a very personal custom design that married the client's spiritual experiences perfectly.

Christian Prayer Beads


This piece features a lapis cross with tiger eye spacers and amethyst, tourmaline, chalcedony and carnelian beads.

Completely Custom Design


These were a collaborative effort with the client; the lapis, rhodonite, ruby in zoisite, charoite and blue aventurine were chosen by both of us, as was the layout, which combined his Greek Orthodox heritage with his Protestant beliefs