Here are a few of the custom designs I've done.  All my designs are one of a kind and the stones are chosen according to your personal needs.  If you'd like for me to make one for you, just ask me to send you a questionnaire to fill out.  Contact info is on the bottom of the home page.

Custom Designs


This necklace features garnet for grounding, lapis lazuli for intuition, rose quartz for inner harmony, sugilite for self control, jade for serenity, opalite for cheerfulness, amethyst for creativity and organization, blue lace agate for self confidence, sapphire for spirituality and sodalite to regulate blood pressure.


The smoky quartz & emerald pendant in this necklace protects from radiation & pollution and negativity. The green aventurine eases asthma & allergies, brecciated jasper is grounding and detoxifying, sugilite encourages confidence & self-forgiveness, lapis supports the nervous, pituitary and lymph systems and tiger eye eases digestive issues.


This necklace combines the pain relief and healing power of amber, spiritual support of turquoise, calming of labradorite, amazonite's self-confidence boost, the anti-depressive qualities of red jasper, the balance of crazy lace agate, inspiration of topaz and immunity support of ruby with the spiritual awakening of blue fluorite.


Amethyst, used to lessen headaches & migraines is surrounded by red tiger eye for rejuvinating blood, green aventurine for strees & fear, amazonite for osteoporosis & cramps, sugilite for inspiration, amber for detoxification, amethyst for circulatory system and carnelian to support the liver and kidneys.


This necklace has a beautiful tiger eye focal, along with bloodstone, sugilite, amber, charoite, malachite, carnelian, pearl, quartz, aventurine and lapis.  This was designed for a person who was battling cancer and the stones chosen work together to support the immune system and personal issues.


This ankle bracelet was designed for someone who was grieving the loss of her parents.  It has rhodonite for uplifing emotions, aquamarine for letting go of the past, ruby for releasing heaviness and pain, rose quartz for forgiveness, chrysoprase for hope and morganite for easing resentment over unresolved issues.

Custom made one-of-a-kind healing jewelry


Choosing the most beneficial gemstones

 A substantial amount of research is done to ensure the most beneficial stones are used every time. We obtain this information from you when you fill out and return the questionnaire. 

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Natural materials

I seek out the most natural stones available and use only trusted sources.  Some stones need stabilization or are dyed to enhance the natural color, but this does not alter their healing properties.

Testimonials about my custom designs

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Louise, thank you for the ankle bracelet you made for me! I thought it was pretty, but I didn't expect it to work so well. I had chronic pain in my knee and foot that was only temporarily relieved by cortizone injections. My stomach was beginning to gripe about the amount of naproxen and ibuprophen I was taking. I am on my feet most of the day at work, and I used to having to ice and elevate my feet for an hour when I got home each day.

Since I started wearing the anklet I have am taking only 1 ibuprophen and not even every day. The swelling is greatly reduced, and I only elevate my feet for 20 minutes a day. I can stand much longer than I used to with much less pain and swelling. This is not due to mind over matter as I was skeptical at best. My anklet is so pretty that I enjoy wearing it. Thank you for making my life better. This has been a big blessing. Love and gratitude, Lois Price

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